Hope Assistance

Surgery Transportation and Support

Effective January 2018, Hope Assistance is permanently closed.

Hope Assistance

Surgery Transportation and Support

Effective January 2018, Hope Assistance is permanently closed.


Even though it is a somewhat routine event today it still amazes me that doctors can save our lives and improve our bodies through surgery. I have experienced firsthand the difference it can make. It really is miraculous.

I believe there is something special about using medical technology to improve how you feel about your body and yourself. At the age of 28 I had a reduction mammoplasty procedure which improved my self confidence and helped me feel more like myself in my own body. A few years later I had lasik surgery to correct my severe nearsightedness. It allowed me to live without glasses for the first time since elementary school. Because of my personal experience I really enjoy helping people who are undergoing procedures that give them confidence and help their body match how they feel inside. Many of my clients are members of the transgender community and I find working with them particularly gratifying.

I created Hope Assistance out of my experience being a caretaker for my husband when he underwent several surgeries to treat cancer. I love being able to take what I learned helping him to help others. I feel it is an honor to be able to support people who are experiencing the life saving and life changing miracle of surgery.

What my clients say

"I was nervous as it was, but knowing there was someone else to look after me and very importantly to understand and remember what the surgeon was telling me was vitally important and helpful."
- Laura L
"I was so glad that she was there before and after the surgery with me as she also made sure that everything the doctor gave me ended up in my bag - post-surgery instructions, extra eye drops, credit card receipt, everything. That really provided me peace of mind when I got home and realized I was not so careful myself - thank goodness she was there!"
- Tina O
"She was thorough, kind, and exceptionally professional from the first moment we spoke about my appointment to the last post-operative check-in. The medical team appreciated her as much I did, and still do."
- Ann P


Hope is a personal assistant who specializes in helping clients who are having surgery or another medical procedure. Hope provides the kind of non-clinical help to patients that a family member or friend might provide. Hope is not a nurse or patient aide so she does not provide any health care services such as wound care, medication administration or personal care. Instead she can provide clients with the following services:

Full Service Transportation and Support

This package is commonly used when you are undergoing an outpatient surgery or other basic procedure. On the day of your procedure Hope will:

  • Pick patient up at their home and drive them to the hospital or surgery center
  • Sit with the patient during pre-surgery consultation with physician(s)
  • Wait on-site during the procedure and notify family members of status when physicians or nurses have updates
  • Take notes for the patient when discharge information and care instructions are explained
  • Drive patient home and make sure s/he is comfortably settled
  • Pick up prescriptions, meal or small comforts
  • If needed, rearrange furniture to make home more accessible for patient
  • Prepare simple meal for patient
  • Stay with patient until s/he is settled and asleep for the evening
  • Keep family members informed of patients status and condition including one email report
  • Drive patient to and from one follow up appointment within one week of the procedure
  • Take notes for patient during follow up appointment

Basic Transportation

This package is typically used by people who are undergoing a very simple procedure that requires anesthesia but has a same day recovery.

  • Pick patient up the doctor's office, hospital or surgery center after the procedure is complete
  • Drive patient home, walk them inside and make sure s/he is comfortably settled

Extended Support Package

Some people find they need support beyond the day of surgery. Hope can help with every day tasks while the patient recovers such as:

  • Meal preparation or simple household chores
  • Picking up prescriptions, errands to the pharmacy or grocery store
  • Taking the patient for a walk
  • Researching and locating healthcare professionals to provide necessary clinical and other support services

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